Guaranteeing confidentiality, leaving more time to provide your public service

Access to governmental information is required to be ever more fluid. It should be available to officers and citizens either from a shared workstation or a mobile access point such as a personal tablet. And the information should remain confidential, something which an access audit can easily demonstrate at any time.

Evidian offers identity and access management solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of public services. Solutions that allow you to simplify the attribution and use of access rights so that officers can devote all their attention to the public and to their tasks.

Throughout the world, Evidian ensures that governmental organisations comply with the current national regulations on data protection, while providing an ever more efficient service. Evidian solutions can adapt to the specific requirements of national regulations: officer card with a certificate in Europe, biometrics in Africa and the Middle East, and cards compatible with FIPS 201 in the US.

Evidian solutions are designed to improve the productivity of your administration. So a single authentication will now replace all the passwords of your officers. If they change organisation or role, their access rights will be automatically modified. They can get to work straight away, as their access rights are updated on arrival and deactivated on departure.

We propose you to discover the use case of the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card with Single Sing-On (SSO) and Authentication Management which describes how USA federal agencies can take full advantage of their smartcard infrastructure adopting Evidian Access Management.

Conserve your resources for your tasks

Despite budgets that are tighter than ever, public sector bodies must offer a growing range of new services to citizens, from e-government to simplified procedures covering several administrative departments.

How can you serve citizens effectively if information access requires multiple passwords to be entered? The Evidian Single Sign-On (SSO) reduces the workload of the support team by eliminating lost passwords for applications and guaranteeing access availability.

With Evidian solutions, you can unify and consolidate the digital identities of your users, whether they are officers, service providers or partners, based on existing sources of identity (human resources, service providers, consultants, partners, other administrations, etc.). The administrative burden is considerably reduced.

Rationalise your access procedures

Define and implement attribution processes for access rights to your information systems, whether they are automatic and role-based, or subject to validation through hierarchical approval cycles.

Create or remove rights directly within digital resources, in accordance with the access policy. Implement permanent monitoring, which detects and resolves discrepancies between the policy required and the actual rights present in the applications.

Comply with regulatory confidentiality

All administrations must implement procedures to protect data confidentiality – and demonstrate their effectiveness in audits. With Evidian, you can limit resource access to those who need it. Authentication based on the officer's digital identity allows resource access to be controlled, empowering users.

In addition, you can create an inventory of the actual rights of all your current users to access your information systems. A centralised access audit allows you to see who's accessing what. This also applies to delegated actions and assignations to application accounts. The audit reports therefore facilitate regulatory compliance.

Our references include

  • Health Insurance [+]

    The Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie (CNAM-TS) is the main French health insurer, reaching 49.6 million beneficiaries and processing 1 billion claims per year. The CNAM-TS wanted to secure its applications and information systems by microprocessor card.

    The Evidian IAM Suite has been deployed to 80,000 users for user management, authentication, access control, SSO and auditing.

  • Rouen Town Hall [+]

    The goal of the Digital Identity Management project is to create a repository of identities to centralize the storage of identities, which allows to know, formalize and control the authorizations of the 3,000 users of the City of Rouen.

    The project also aims to provide centralized management and automate the management of identities and authorizations through workflows in order to improve access to applications by users and increase the security of these accesses.

    The IAM suite of Evidian has been installed to meet the major challenges of this project of identities:

    • Reduced operational costs and deadlines for the life cycle of identities,
    • Simplification of identity management processes (users, authorizations, application accounts)
    • Strengthening security of access to applications,
    • Improved quality of service for users.

  • General Council of Guyana [+]

    Evidian IAM Access Management: +1,000 users

    Implementation of the Evidian SSO solution using the identity directory in place for authorizations management, SSO for heavy and web client, audits and reports, strong smart card and OTP authentication.

  • City of Orleans [+]

    The objective of the project is to set up a repository containing more than 2,700 people (internal and external) working at the City of Orléans, from different sources of existing data.

    In order to achieve this objective, Evidian proposed the use of the products of its IAM Identity and Access Management suite: the ID-Synchronization module for maintaining the repository data from the different information sources, Request Manager for the directory and chart functions (search, display ...), and Policy Manager for the authorization functions.

  • Angers Loire metropolis [+]

    The community of agglomeration Angers Loire Métropole aims to unite the strengths, assets, means of 31 municipalities in order to develop its territory.

    The IAM suite of Evidian was set up for a 5,000-user perimeter with the creation of the identity directory by synchronizing identities between directories and repositories, dematerialization of authorizations management, SSO, audits and reports and the provisioning of accounts.

    This project also aims to automate the management of identities and authorizations through approval workflows in order to reinforce the control of the authorization process.


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