Tighter and more secure operations

Commercial organisations rely on their business processes to meet delivery deadlines and ensure profitability. As a result, solutions that improve security and availability should take these processes into account, or run the risk of strong resistance during implementation. Companies are facing growing demands for confidentiality, availability and integrity and need to ensure that their security is compatible with their professional activities. Evidian Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are used in the industry and the service sectors throughout the world to guarantee access to information and compliance with laws and regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO 27001. Clients can both control the physical and digital access of their employees and implement approval procedures across their sites and IT system.

Greater efficiency

Every day, hundreds of thousands of users access their applications using Evidian authentication management solutions. Single Sign-On (SSO) and consolidated application access and federation of identities simplify their work as they don't need passwords to access their applications, whether stored internally, in the cloud or as SaaS. It considerably reduces the helpdesk workload, guaranteeing a rapid return on investment, and increases organisational flexibility and agility. Implementation costs for the company are minimal, as Evidian solutions are not intrusive and do not require modification of applications . Evidian gives access to all web applications, whether stored internally, in the cloud or as SaaS, from any terminal, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Access to PCs and applications can require strong authentication using a smartcard, radio badge, biometric recognition, QR code, grid card or one-time password. Self-service password request (SSPR) makes users autonomous. Employees travelling on business are never locked out because they have forgotten their authentication data, and the request can be reinforced using strong authentication (e.g. by smartphone).

More fluid business processes

With Evidian IAM solutions, companies use identity life cycle management and an authorisations approval workflow to ensure that user access rights comply with the application access policy. Evidian solutions are designed to be adaptable, dynamic and compatible with company business processes, particularly in terms of availability and mobility. Identity data can be maintained on the basis of various sources of authority such as marketing, consultant and human resource databases, which are a reference for the management of the access rights cycle, from a user's entry to their departure.

Better organisational agility

The solutions offer native integration between the various identity and access management products, allowing in particular the elimination of all user password management, and access control can be reinforced with strong authentication methods adapted to the usage scenario. In this way, security protects and improves company agility. Evidian IAM solutions offer complete access management and can be stored either within or outside the company, while remaining under the company's control.

Some references

  • ASTRIUM [+]

    ASTRIUM, company of the EADS group, is the first at European level and the third at world level of the space industry. ASTRIUM brings together 17,000 men and women in five countries: Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

    To secure its sensitive information systems, ASTRIUM Space Transportation wanted to set up a complete infrastructure for user management and access control. Evidian's IAM Suite has been deployed to more than 11,000 users for user management, authentication and access control, SSO and auditing.

  • SANOFI [+]

    SANOFI is a global and diversified healthcare leader that seeks, develops and markets therapeutic solutions focused on the needs of patients. Sanofi has core strengths in healthcare with six platforms for growth: diabetes management, human vaccines, innovative products, consumer health, emerging markets, and animal health.

    Sanofi is characterized by a balanced presence between traditional and emerging markets, with more than 110,000 employees in 100 countries, its 2011 turnover is 33.4 billion euros, up 3.2%.

    Sanofi secured access to its critical services, applications and information systems as part of a consolidation and deployment of a private cloud for which Evidian Enterprise SSO and Authentication Manager were deployed to more than 80,000 users to ensure Single Sign-On, user management, authentication, access control and auditing.

  • VALEO [+]

    Valeo chose Evidian Enterprise SSO as a non-intrusive SSO solution for its Intranet application through a remotely accessible program combined with a multiple authentication system, combining logical and physical access management through the corporate smart card.

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